Teleportation & Time Travel
Quantum teleportation is routinely tested at university and industrial laboratories around
the world. It relates to the teleportation of entangled quantum states with applications
in quantum computing.
Quantum tunneling actually teleports images using optical tunneling via evanescent
waves with applications in beam splitters and fibre optic couplers. Quantum tunneling  
teleports objects via particle production and annihilation with application seen in particle
accelerators where particle beams dematerialize and rematerialize.
The approach here being made ready for testing is designed to teleport images using
evanescent waves. Teleporting objects is still speculative in any anticipated testing but
testable theory is developed. Time travel is extremely speculative. Time is speculated to
not exist and timelines measured by clocks are presumed to be spatially displaced. 
Navigation similar to satellites and space probes is used to target timeline spatial
coordinates to intercept past or future positions by teleporting to them.       More Teleportation & Time Travel