1. I have discovered that certain toroidal windings can act as
isolated current elements and achieve complete coupling with the
earth's magnetic field. Solenoidal windings have no
effective translational efficiency.
2. I have also discovered that isolated current elements can have
interactive force where the current and the external magnetic
field are in the same direction. This does not occur according to
standard theory. Combinations of this new
longitudinal force and the usual transverse force can produce
thrust in any direction in the earth's magnetic field.
3. Superconductors and ferromagnets can be engineered to
have very high current densities with very low power consumption
leading to launch vehicle performance with magnets free flying.
4. All information needed to build a levitator launch vehicle
has been released.
5. All proof-of-concept demonstrations have been given.
6. What is different is the aspect ratio of the toroidal
propulsion unit demonstrated was high with low efficiency
and to show launch vehicle level performance you need a low
aspect ratio.This has also been communicated.
7.There remains a thin veil of doubt left to protect everyone from
overwhelming performance. It is interesting to note that other
propulsion systems with less performance and little prospect
are already funded.

Further information at:
How Wachspress
415 596-6991
FREE FLYING MAGNETIC LEVITATOR (Geomagnetic Propulsion) Part 2

The proof-of-concept demo(which has already been seen several times)
is a toroidal winding with high aspect ratio (low efficiency)
on a power tether and shows propulsion in the earth's magnetic field and all
the main principles, but the thrust to weight is deliberately
below one so as to withold higher performance. It moves
linearly in the earth's magnetic field. It shows 10,000,000
times improvement over a solenoidal winding. The launch
vehicle demo is a toroidal winding with low aspect ratio (high
efficiency) on a power tether. It moves linearly in the earth's
magnetic field. It has a thrust to weight well over one.
These are empirical discoveries. I am writing the theory.
A 4 inch magnet (solenoidal winding) has a translational
efficiency 100,000,000 times less than a toroidal winding on
a cylindrical bobbin. In a half a gauss field it takes 180,000
amp/cm^2 to float copper wire. My minimal launch vehicle
requirements are thrust to weight of 2 and specific impulse of
15,000. All of this is demonstratable and I would not expect
anyone to accept any of this without a demonstration.
How Wachspress
415 596-6991
I'll compress the details of my conversations with *** and
focus on the key points.
1. **** likes the idea of you and ********** handling the paperwork.
2. **** says I could be payed as a subcontractor thru ***** to expedite my
payment. I sell it to you and you sell
it to ***.
3.The launch vehicle performance demonstrator with all its
knowhow documentation I'm offering for $100,000. The
autonomous launch vehicle with all its knowhow documentation I'm offering
for $1,000,000. **** says no
4. They already have the documentation package for the
proof-of-concept demonstration. Live video via NetMeeting is ok. I will walk
them through whatever they have questions regarding the proof-of-concept
demo, or specs regarding
the stuff for sale.
5. **** says I can be funded through an existing UAV budget.
6. Officially this a micro aircraft project. Otherwise I can
supply as optional informal info on space launch that which
will not cause me harm. I send the info one way to them:-they don't have to
respond. They get space launch capacity
for buying microUAV technology.
7. They understand my disatisfaction with ****, *********, **** and ******.
They understand that I already
have all the needed equipment and I am trying to increase
my day to day income so I don't need to deal with my current funding
situation. Most important they know I am
determined to carry the development of the levitator forward
myself, secrectly if need be.
I can't say that this *** episode will pan out. It is less of an
opportunity than  ******-****-*********-****, but I'm tired of giving away
things for no reward or appreciation.
                                   SPACEPLANE APPLICATION FEATURES
(Geomagnetic Spaceplane)
Using an oxygen liquifier, aviation fuel, an engine driven dynamo to charge
the batteries of a Geomagnetic Levitator
propulsion system, a Commercial Spaceplane could operate silently out of any
airport with a 5000 ft runway with no
exhaust plume, fly out at subsonic velocity and go to orbit. Old 727's could
be cheaply retrofitted for space travel
with no heat shield tiles and no reentry problems because high specific
impulse allows for retro propulsion to deorbit
and land.