How you can touch it now
I am looking to find a manufacturer to make and sell my Sonic Stimulator.
Meanwhile, you can experience something. When you are playing music with a good bass line
you can feel the music coming from your loudspeakers. However, you have to turn it up to feel
those wonderful sensations. Your ears take a beating. The Sonic Stimulator touches your skin
and those musical titillations come thru, but your ears hear nothing. The only sound you hear
is from your speakers.
A simple easy trick is to blow up a balloon and place it near your the woofer in your
loudspeaker for maximum bass. Touch the balloon. The balloon vibrates to the music.
The balloon is nowhere as good as a Sonic Stimulator, but is something and you can get the
sensation and save your ears. In a pinch just put your hand near the woofer. You'll get some
buzz. You can touch the balloon with any part of your body.
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