Teleportation & Time Travel Signal Processing
In the actual testbed the antenna signals(left channel and right channel) go
into the PC sound card and the motor
signals(left & right) come out. Mathematica takes the input
signals as a list of data streams and processes them according to algebraic
commands and outputs data streams.
Abstract algebra modules are used to "modulate" a "carrier"
and transform the data. If say the transform turns "real"
electromagnetic waves into "evanescent waves" the abstract
processing leads to effects that are observed with equipment
and can be audible as well as visual. The processing is an abstract
junction, an S-Matrix. If you apply quantum field
theory operators you get annihilation and production. If you
modulate accelerator beams you get quantum sidebands. If
you annihilate the main beam but leave the mixing products
you have a quantum ring modulator. Evanescent waves are
9D and 27D displacement space propagations. An abstract
algebra hypercomplex processor can produce differential
signals that will not appear on unbalanced audio inputs and
are demodulated in an abstract space S-Matrix. Now do
you see the math as a signal processor? I call it polynomial
synthesis and so far it works real nice.    H. W.
Have recently acquired a book on Atom Optics and have
quickly adapted my Teleportation & Time Travel work to
incorporate Matter Wave Tunneling.

Evanescent wave reflectors are used to create a matter wave beam splitter.